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Well, here goes. A Blog or journal is something I've never really kept up with, but a website needs content, dammit, so here's a crumb of it. It's me, Matt Beebe! I started this production company with my good friend and fellow filmmaker, Jesse Bath, and we are hitting the ground running. He has a script in a big contest which made it in to the second round. I've been editing and tightening the screws on Litter which is a huge, ambitious web series that chronicles and fictionalizes the last two trimesters of my own wife's pregnancy and the birth of my son! It's crazy and raw and weird and entertaining so I'm more and more excited to unleash it on the world! I've been writing a lot. Creating a lot. Learning a lot. Always more to learn. I started taking Ron Howard's Master Class and it is opening my eyes to some interesting concepts. I've always loved that man's vision. It's going to be a long, hard road to reach my goals of being a writer/director like so many of my heroes. I have so much to learn but I've also been learning my entire life. I think in movies. It is my language. I've only just begun to speak.

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